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“All my work is created
through an open process of

Graham Swain

Graham Swain went to Portsmouth Art College to study painting after gaining an honours degree in Architecture. His rich influences are many and varied but his creative gifts were realised at an early age as treble soloist singing and recording in the cathedrals of Holland, Belgium and Northern France, including Notre Dame Paris, Chartres, Rheims, Laon and the Palace of Fontainbleau.

Quality of line, purity, colour relationship and proportion are the main considerations when creating his contemporary landscapes. 'Pure creation and beauty is everything to me, where every mark matters'. Studio visits are welcome by appointment. If you have any questions any time, please ask Graham.

“Graham’s response to landscape is contemplative. Like an elaborate game of chess, works evolve through time. Creation becomes a challenge as every mark is considered as the aesthetic process unravels towards sublime resolution. Graham’s preoccupations are undoubtedly formal, but his technique relies on more than simply a conscious arrangement of shape and colour. Graham aims to intuitively distil the essence of his visual experience in a much more unlimited way. Landscape provides the ideal motif; unrestricted by figures or buildings, an exploration is permitted which ultimately pervades pure creation.”

Sally-Ann Schilling, MA History of Art, The Courtauld Institute of Art Former Art Historian and Lecturer Tate Modern, London

“Your paintings bear scrutiny against everything you told me about your method and approach (so often people talk a good game and their work doesn’t resemble its’ description). They are singular and beautiful.”

Trevor Flynn MAFA Goldsmiths, Director Drawing At Work